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Please Don't Modify the Trails

Mt. bikers welcome at Cedar Creek Park but...

I've been riding for 23 years. I've been all over the world mt. biking and it is one of my favorite things to do.  It is easy for me to see It is easy to understand the attraction of mt. biking.  The challenge of navigating over technical trail features. Getting outside and leaving work, school, and everyday life behind.  Getting fit doing something that is fun!

I support creating more trail opportunities for mt. biking which is why I lobbied to keep Cedar Creek Park open to mt. bikers.  I am, however, disappointed when I see a park that I worked to preserve over 17 years ago become just another piece of land that mt. bikers look at to build and build miles of trail or modify multi-use trails without working with the landowners, in this case King County. I'd like to see mt. bikers work with other stakeholders to design and build a sustainable model that takes into consideration all the reasons for conservation of the land and the other people who use it.  My goal is to work work with the local community to make Cedar Creek Park a place for the community to enjoy.  That means a shared trail system for hikers, trail runners, families, dog walkers, and mt. bikers.


I'm already getting complaints about the trails being modified and jumps being added.  In the interim please don't modify the trails or build new illegal trails because you jeopardize getting the area closed to mt. bikers.  Lets be a community and work together.  Be part of the process not part of the problem.


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